Hello Guys, it has been quiet a while but I was working on my city so I can make interesting videos as I told you before and I will add one very soon now.

So to wait here is an App for  I devices which Gives you free gems on Clash of Clans. You just have to go to the app and in exchange of trying other apps or stuff like that, they will give you points. When you have a certain amount of points you can exchange them with Itunes or amazon real money that will allows you to buy all the things you want on the appstore or in Amazon. I use it and I already got 10 dollars!!

Here is a way for you to get 50 points directly,you just have to enter this code when you first go to the app : jtzcmi

Note that you don’t get the app directly on the app store but on internet so go to   http://appbounty.net/desktop/pages/home

See You !!!!! ;)

Hello Guys here is an image that I found on google which gives all the informations about all the defenses in the game. In that way when you attack someone you can recognize the level of defense and know how many damages they give per shot. With this you will know how many shots will kill your units, and don’t forget that a good attack is when the defenses need 3 shots minimum to kill your units.

Tell me in the questions publication if it wasn’t clear, also I put the link of the google page with this image so you can zoom and see clearly because it is actually not in my publication, So just clic on the image if you want to zoom ;)

Hello Guys, 

Here is one of my cities with a level8 town hall. I would say it is a very good defense strategy;) but there is a last thing to add which is the most important!! As you can see there is 4 larger free spaces on each side of the city. Those are made for testla towers, once you have complete this your city will be very hard to get.

I hope you like my tips and note that I will add my own videos on the blog so I can show you more things ;)

Here is an attack strategy,

If your archers are level 5 I found out that the cheapest strategy which works a lot is to use only archers.

The thing is to circle the enemy base with your archers so that the mortars will shoot only a couple of archers while the others destroy every thing very fast and reach the defenses also very fast.

I am not sure if my explanation was good so I will probably add a good description video on my blog about the strategy. Also feel free to ask all the questions that you want on the next publication that I will reblog. :)

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